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Project Description

Green Light Year cooperates with a number of primary and secondary schools in Shanghai to jointly develop green campus related programs.

  1. Construction of waste sorting and small weather station in Penglai Road No. 2 Elementary School
  2. “Penglai Small Town” Waste Sorting Popularization Program


The physical objects of daily life are listed one by one, so that the children can touch and smell to feel their texture and materials, and then volunteer tutors will tell them the chemical composition of the materials of these articles and its treatment. Specific content includes plastic products, packaging materials, daily necessities, office supplies, etc. There may be quiz sessions in the course to increase interactivity. In this course, some manual lessons of the aforementioned courses can be interspersed.

  1. Little Weather Station in “Penglai Small Town”

Build a small weather station to make children understand the changes of environment climate.

  1. Green Light Year and Shanghai Xingang Middle School Cooperation Program
  2. Small Solar Power Station Construction on Campus

Together with Shanghai Xingang Middle School built the “Cloud services” black technology, a small solar power station that can monitor the power generation status of each solar panel in real time.

2.Food Waste Reduction Creative Competition and Challenge Program

(1) Food Waste Investigation in Household Refrigerators

With the support and help of the instructor Ni Huan, the students learned about the food waste situation in family refrigerators by analyzing the 30 recovered questionnaires.

(2) Food Waste and Food Quality in Canteen

The secondary school students were directed to design questionnaires to investigate teachers’ and students’ satisfaction with school canteens and food waste during dining in canteens. The school’s middle school students independently coordinated with the school and held a hearing to discuss canteen food waste and diet quality.


(3) Decomposition of Kitchen Waste Research

By designing and researching the situation of digesting kitchen waste, we will cultivate children’s scientific research skills and interests and make them understand the habits of the earthworm at the same time.

(4) “Originally we are earthworms like this” environmental play choreography

The program team helped the experimental team to adapt an eco-drama that collected the results of multiple projects. The four actors were carefully guided from the setting of scripts, props, costumes, and stage backgrounds to the gestures of. After a month of rehearsal, they successfully performed at the “2017 United Nations Youth Environment Forum of China.”

III. Green Light Year Cooperation with Shanghai Jincai Middle School Program

In Shanghai Jincai Middle School, a simple Fish and vegetable symbiosis system was set up to coordinate the teaching of a series of courses on water quality testing. Finally, the water quality monitoring report for the fish and symbiosis system will be produced.

Project Details