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Project Description

The Research Institute Of GREEN-LIGHT-YEAR aims at primary and secondary school students who have served in the GREEN-LIGHT-YEAR as volunteers for a certain period of time, and are interested in environmental protection and social issues. It aims to select. The research institute can cultivate students’ interests in scientific research and improve their scientific research capacity by helping them to complete a scientific research independently under the guidance of experts

The Research Institute Of GREEN-LIGHT-YEAR has achieved great success since its establishment in 2015. It has produced a small academician of China Academy of Juvenile Sciences, two small preparatory academicians, and three small researchers. In addition, it also won several district-level and municipal-level technology innovation awards. All the six primary school students won national or municipal scientific research awards in 2016,.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Junior Academy

Research on Electromagnetic Radiation of Household Appliances

Study on the Influence of Green Plants on Indoor Air Quality

2017 Practice Report on Improving Water Quality in Courtyard Fish Ponds

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