//Experiential Low-carbon Environmental Protection Facilities Visit
Experiential Low-carbon Environmental Protection Facilities Visit 2018-04-30T13:09:38+00:00

Project Description

  • This project aims to develop the low-carbon environmental elements around the community into a feature tour which is the integration of knowledge, interest and participation. At present, we have received 53 bureau-level leading cadres from the “Eco-Civilization Training Course” of the Pudong Cadre Academy and over thousands of people in the community.Scenic Route:Site 1  Visit environmental protection expert – Ni Huan’s ecological balcony:
    There are the first CIGS thin-film solar civilian power plant in mainland China, outdoor symbiosis system of fish and greens, vertical organic farm using kitchen waste compost, shared charging station, and automatic trickle irrigation system.
  • Site 2  “Ri Shang Jiang Cun”
    • Photothermal and photovoltaic systems
    • Solar power roof without tiles
    • Water circulation& water purification and indoor energy management system
    • “Treasure Hunting” of Solar product
    • Earlier edition entry that Shanghai Jiaotong University took part in the International Solar Decathlon in 2013

    Site 3  Green Energy Laboratory

    • Face recognition access control system
    • Façade design which is both beautiful and reduces energy consumption
    • Natural lighting design
    • Smart home show
    • Solar umbrellas
    • Combination of roof solar system and indoor temperature control system
    • Tasting sweet potatoes and corn grilled by Solar barbecue (on sunny days)

    Site 4  Institute of Automotive Engineering

    • Visit Formula Student China Manufacturing Laboratory

    Site 5  Take photos in front of the Miao Gate

    • Children can try to rent electric energy-saving cars and visitors can take photos in front of the Miao Gate.

Project Details