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Suzhou Students Step onto the International Stage, Contribute China’s Strength to Sustainable Development


Recently, Suzhou Daily reported on the Green Light-Year Youth Delegation invited to participate in the 2023 World Food Forum in Rome, Italy.

Original link:https://www.suzhou-news.cn/news/300598052

Recently, the World Food Forum 2023 was held in Rome, Italy. The Youth Delegation of Green Light Year from China impressed the world during the forum. Within the Youth Delegation, there are three Suzhou students, who, through close collaboration and outstanding performance, have shown the world the charm and vitality of Chinese youth.

During the forum, two Sustainable Food Education projects of Green Light Year were selected and ultimately won awards: Compost Planting “Flower Field Guardian” Project in Meisong Community of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) and Nature Creation’s Insect Based Protein Project. The presenters of the two projects are two female students from Suzhou – Yang Bowen and Gao Jinghan.

Yang Bowen is a Grade 1 student from Ulink High School of Suzhou Industrial Park. She is responsible for the project presentation and organize the forum record during the forum. Gao Jinghan is a ninth grade from Jinji Lake School. She has been participating in the projects and activities of Green Light Year since the third grade. As the youngest member of the Delegation, she is responsible for the presentation of “Flower Field Guardian” Project. Another Suzhou student, Xu Yixiang, a Grade 3 student majoring in International Relations from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, as well as a research analyst of Green Light Year, responsible for collecting and organizing cutting-edge information of the forum.

Three students, along with other members of the Delegation, jointly contributed to a wonderful appearance of the Chinese Youth. During the five days’ forum, members of the Delegation worked closely together, encouraged each other, and actively shared research projects and innovative ideas with other youth delegates from various countries around the world, receiving praise of the experts and scholars attending the meeting. In addition, they also provided suggestions and improvement measures for other project plans from various countries and regions, which received praise from various parties.

Gong Wenzhu, the leader of the Youth Delegation of the Green Light Year, told reporters that the performance of the three Suzhou students surprised her very much. Not only they planned and arranged the project in advance to ensure the smooth progress of projects of the Delegation, but also, they reviewed and summarized the whole process after the project was completed. Through the review and summarization, they accumulated experience for the improvement of the project and built a complete learning loop between team collaboration and personal growth.

Participating in this world-class forum also benefited the students greatly. Yang Bowen said that the experience of participating into this forum broadened her horizons and exercised her ability to think independently. Through interacting with young people from different professional fields abroad, she became more outgoing and gradually adapted to different ways of working.

For Gao Jinghan, participating into this forum not only broadened her horizons, but also made her aware of her shortcomings. She realized that she the need to make further improvements in her language expression and communication skills.

“Participating in the forum has shown me more possibilities. In the future, I may continue to work in the field of food and agriculture. I also look forward to more opportunities to share ideas with more peers and learn and discuss about issues related to food and agriculture.” As a Grade 3 student majoring in international relations, Xu Yixiang faced many problems about future career planning and employment development. He also gained a clearer direction for future planning during this precious experience. ( Xiao Yao, Reporter from Convergence Media of Suzhou Daily; Zhao Yize, Intern; Pictures are provided by Green Light Year )


Executive Editor: You Jia