////Food and Agriculture Benchmark 2023

Food and Agriculture Benchmark 2023

Xu Yixiang
Gao Zihan
Chen Kefei
Jiang Yifei
Jiang Zihan
He Jiayang
Yang Shuqing
Ni Huan
Gong Wenzhu
Chen Mingchuan
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Yiwei Lai
Of the 350 companies evaluated, 27 were based in China. However, all Chinese companies scored quite low. Of these 27 Chinese companies, one scored more than 20 points, six scored more than 10 points, nine scored more than 0 points, and 12 scored 0 points out of a total assessment score of 100 points. Additionally, the highest scoring company in China, Uni-president, only ranked 122nd in the world. At the same time, there are 32 companies with a score of 0 in the WBA assessment, and 12 companies with a score of 0 in China, accounting for 37.5 percent of the total.