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In the Green Light Year, young people are not only our service targets, but also our service providers. When they are in different places, they have different gains. The reason why Green Lightyear can successfully carry out many activities and projects with limited staff is that we have many volunteers behind the scenes. In the Green Light Year, we affectionately call the volunteers “spinach”. Because of spinach, Green Lightyear can become a “Popeye” and perform miracles. Volunteers will choose their favorite plant and animal names and combine them into their own natural names.

Selection criteria:

  • Commitment and passion for environmental protection: Extreme high requirements (please refer to the work attitude of Founding Direct Ni Huan)
  • fast learner and self-motivation: high requirements
  • knowledge background of environmental protection: medium requirements (please refer to the knowledge background of economics and development of Founding Direct Ni Huan)
  • Mentalagility and team spirit
  • Join our regular activities at weekend and spend at least 4 hours per week for Green-lightyear.


  1. Interpretation volunteer

Duties and accountabilities:

  • Interpreters of Regular low-carbon Tours for public and leading cadres training courses
  • Interpreters of environmental protection sessions regularly conducted in elementary and secondary schools


  • Students that are outgoing, articulate, easy-going, have strong learning ability and strong communication skills, are welcome to apply.
  • No major requirement
  • Experience in volunteer teaching is preferred
  • Our regular activities are usually held near Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, so students nearby are encouraged to apply


  1. Publicity volunteer

Duties and accountabilities:

  • Join in advocacy group of Green-lightyear
  • Take photos, record and write press release of our activities
  • Publish the activity summaries on the official Weibo of Green-lightyear
  • Communicate and cooperate closely with our publicity chair.


  • Students that have strong writing abilities and strong graphic expression abilities, and can operate WeChat official accounts are welcome to apply.
  • No major requirement


  1. Organization volunteer

Duties and accountabilities:

  • Assist us to organize the preliminary planning, site management and follow-up evaluation and feedback of our activities


  • Students that are experienced in organizing activities and have clear working ideas, strong execution, team spirit, strong logic and sense of organization are welcome to apply.
  • No major requirement


  1. Student designer

Duties and accountabilities:

  • Graphic design, web design and WeChat layout design
  • Opportunities to be invited to participate in our new project or new service design process


  • Students with knowledge background and experience, or interested in art design are welcome to apply
  • We do not mind taking design projects as practice for students with design assignments



  • Volunteers for permanent posts: The subsidy is settled in 8 hours, and the volunteers are required to fill in the timesheet honestly as the basis for receiving the subsidy
  • Activity subsidies and personal safety: If there is an outing, we wiall bear the corresponding transportation, basic catering expenses, and the corresponding basic personal accident insurance
  • Volunteer certificate and recommended internship opportunities: The student volunteers who apply successfully will receive the Green-lightyear volunteer certificate, which will record the information of each person’s service time and content, and will be publicized. According to the published results and comprehensive evaluation, we will select excellent volunteers and recommend them to international organizations, international organizations vacation, personal development projects, or cooperation company internship, etc.
  • Volunteer service certificate: Working at least 240 hours (30 days) for Green-lightyear, Ni Huan, the … can provide personalized volunteer service certificate with her signature and institutional seal or letters of recommendation both in Chinese and English based on service content

How to apply:

  • If you are interested to join us, please click the link http://lxi.me/oysqb to fill out the table.
  • We will schedule interviews (face to face, or phone interviews) and then confirm with you in written form.